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We are the Jenkins family. Our home is filled with busy days, fun and lots of love! We have Carlie (5) and Garrett (4) plus Mom and Dad (30-something). We love summer days, vacation, bike rides and the Christmas season.

Friday, January 23, 2009

Snowbasin is awesome!

I know a lot of us are sick of the cold days and the fog and the crappy driving conditions....but after living on the frozen tundra for ten years we have figured out how to cope with winter. You have to get out and do something!!!! This year we have discovered snowbasin for the family. The kids are free - which makes us happy, and we have a ton of fun up there. Carlie and Garrett have learned how to ski and board. I thought you all would like to see them in action.


  1. Man they are soooo good! I can't believe it. I can't wait to go with you guys. :)

  2. I watched this video and I still cannot get over these kids and their physical talents. You truly have "superkids." Train 'em well and you might get them to do tricks and run errands for you! Cool!