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We are the Jenkins family. Our home is filled with busy days, fun and lots of love! We have Carlie (5) and Garrett (4) plus Mom and Dad (30-something). We love summer days, vacation, bike rides and the Christmas season.

Monday, May 4, 2009

Bring on SUMMER!

Can you believe that it is may already? Sorry I haven't posted for so long, I always feel like I have nothing to say. I guess all we have been doing for the last few months is the routine. Get up, go to work, come home, eat dinner....homework, go to bed. Sound familiar? But I am soooo excited to have our summer coming. That's when we go every weekend - camping or to a bike race or whatever. Is anyone else's body as pasty white as mine? I say bring on the tan.

Friday, January 23, 2009

Snowbasin is awesome!

I know a lot of us are sick of the cold days and the fog and the crappy driving conditions....but after living on the frozen tundra for ten years we have figured out how to cope with winter. You have to get out and do something!!!! This year we have discovered snowbasin for the family. The kids are free - which makes us happy, and we have a ton of fun up there. Carlie and Garrett have learned how to ski and board. I thought you all would like to see them in action.

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

What a weekend - Part II

Well, If anyone read the first part of my post - I was talking about the most awesomness weekend we had (and yes awesomness is a word in my book). Anyway, we went to the Jazz game on Wednesday night - while my sisters took my children and even got them to bed on time to boot (score!)

Then we had Thanksgiving the next day which was very tasty....but the real fun started when my sisters Stacie and Karen and I got up at 4:00am to go shopping. We do this every year, we plan and figure out what the kids and hubbys want, we make lists and plan some more. Much thought goes into this excursion. We always have so much fun (even when we are exausted). For anyone who knows me can atest to the fact that throughout the year I am usally very thrifty and really don't do shopping sprees, but on Black Friday I'm a totally different person. This is the one day that I go shopping without my thriftyness complex. I love Black Friday! (not to mention that all the stuff is already on sale - so I don't have to worry). But as you can see by my pictures how much fun we had - and how much all three of us bought.

Can I say more? Plus we also got to go to Twillight...stay tuened for the next installment of my awesomness weekend.

Sunday, November 30, 2008

What a weekend!!

You know when you look back on a weekend and think to yourself...man that was sooo fun! Well my husband and I just so happened to be lucky enough to have one like that this Thanksgiving. My Boss started it of with casually asking me if I would be interested in FREE 3rd row Utah Jazz tickets?!?! Anyone who knows us could say I wouldn't skip a beat and practically scream -YEAH-!! I'd love to take your tickets! So off we went to the Jazz game Wednesday night against the Memphis Grizzlies. Can I just say it was awesome.

Our seats were right to the side of the Jazz bench...so we had a prime view of all
the big boys.

Here is one of my favorite players - Ronnie Brewer screaming about something
cool that had just happened..I can't remember cause I was to busy watching him.

Look how close we were...here is D Will and his team looking on as some other the other players were getting some floor time. (notice that D Will has chapstick in his hand - I guess he get chapped lips like the rest of us)

Here is A.K. practicing some team unity with a fiver to his teammate.

Does anyone not like Mr. Korver? He's perfect for Salt Lake. He can shoot, he's really good with the media and of course everyone thinks he way good looking (sorry Cary) but facts is facts.

Anyway the Jazz won by like 20 points (memphis sucks) and we had the best time. This was only the first day to our weekend -- stay posted and I'll write some more in the next installment of our weekend.

Thursday, November 13, 2008

What do I get em for Christmas???

Well as every parent this time of year is contemplating what to get our "Angles" for Christmas, I have been watching and thinking and trying to figure out what they want. The reality and of course the funny thing of it is the fact that Carlie and Garrett are now starting to play with last years toys. I know you all are going - well isn't that what they were supposed to do? Yea like Dec. 25 of 2007 would be what I was shooting for. It's just my ironic luck that they now like and are mesmerized by their toys from 11 months ago. So now what?

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

School Days

Ahhhh, to be young again. Do you all have memories of Elementary School? I don't think I remember much. I thought that if maybe I take some pictures of Carlie and Garrett they will remember something. Here is our daily route to go get carlie from School.

Here's Garrett riding his bike. He loves to ride to Carlie's School - he asks and pleads to ride, so on the good days we take advantage of the weather.

ITS FINALLY DONE!!!! Those of you that know us have heard me complaining about the construction that should have been done in August - before school started (I might add). But now they are just about finished. They did a great job.

This is called the crayon school - for obvious reasons...but how cute. Here's Garrett waiting for the bell to ring so we can pick up big sis.

Carlie is now learning to read and loves to write...I had to take a picture of her concentration face, notice her tongue.

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Sun Days are our fun days

It's Sunday here at the Jenkins house and we are getting ready to go to church, so I snapped a few pics of the kids because they are getting so big!! Our sundays are pretty low key, so not much to say other that tommorow is monday and we'll be wishing it was sunday. Cause that's our fun day....where we don't have to run day....instead of being a manic monday (as the song goes)

I had to add this picture of Garrett stick em up pose --- he's wearing his cool leather vest and shapps compliments of Grandpa Reed. I think Carlie is the true cowgirl compared to Garrett though.

Well here is my hollow legged kid... I swear he eats like every 29 seconds. Here he is eating his 3rd muffin for the morning.

Here is Carlie and Garrett waiting to go to Church - I do love Sundays because they look all squeeky clean for about 2 seconds.... sometimes on other days I wish I could take a picture of them in the morning just to prove they did look clean at one point during the day.