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We are the Jenkins family. Our home is filled with busy days, fun and lots of love! We have Carlie (5) and Garrett (4) plus Mom and Dad (30-something). We love summer days, vacation, bike rides and the Christmas season.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

School Days

Ahhhh, to be young again. Do you all have memories of Elementary School? I don't think I remember much. I thought that if maybe I take some pictures of Carlie and Garrett they will remember something. Here is our daily route to go get carlie from School.

Here's Garrett riding his bike. He loves to ride to Carlie's School - he asks and pleads to ride, so on the good days we take advantage of the weather.

ITS FINALLY DONE!!!! Those of you that know us have heard me complaining about the construction that should have been done in August - before school started (I might add). But now they are just about finished. They did a great job.

This is called the crayon school - for obvious reasons...but how cute. Here's Garrett waiting for the bell to ring so we can pick up big sis.

Carlie is now learning to read and loves to write...I had to take a picture of her concentration face, notice her tongue.


  1. So cute! That last picture of Carlie looks like you somehow. Tell the kids they need to come to my house for a sleepover soon!

  2. I agree with Karen...Carlie does look like you. Hooray for the school being done. :) Love the concentration tongue...Ry does the same thing when he concentrats.

  3. They are funny and cute. I can't believe Carlie is that old. Garrett is such a little daredevil. Do you think he'll grow up and be a cage fighter. He could, he'd kick the crap out of everyone!!