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We are the Jenkins family. Our home is filled with busy days, fun and lots of love! We have Carlie (5) and Garrett (4) plus Mom and Dad (30-something). We love summer days, vacation, bike rides and the Christmas season.

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Sun Days are our fun days

It's Sunday here at the Jenkins house and we are getting ready to go to church, so I snapped a few pics of the kids because they are getting so big!! Our sundays are pretty low key, so not much to say other that tommorow is monday and we'll be wishing it was sunday. Cause that's our fun day....where we don't have to run day....instead of being a manic monday (as the song goes)

I had to add this picture of Garrett stick em up pose --- he's wearing his cool leather vest and shapps compliments of Grandpa Reed. I think Carlie is the true cowgirl compared to Garrett though.

Well here is my hollow legged kid... I swear he eats like every 29 seconds. Here he is eating his 3rd muffin for the morning.

Here is Carlie and Garrett waiting to go to Church - I do love Sundays because they look all squeeky clean for about 2 seconds.... sometimes on other days I wish I could take a picture of them in the morning just to prove they did look clean at one point during the day.


  1. They are so cute. I love when you post pictures of them. Keep posting them.

  2. Okay... your Sunday and mine are VERY VERY differnt. We are all running crazy until after church and then my house is totally trashed until bedtime when I "force" everyone to clean up so I don't have to spend all day Monday doing it myself. Can I come to your house on Sunday from now on? PLEASE!

  3. Man they look cute in their church clothes! That's nice that your Sunday's are low key...we try to make our's more low key by skipping church sometimes (lately we have been horrible and haven't gone in a few weeks). We'll be going more often from now one...or at lesat that is the plan..even though we love lazy sundays.