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Sunday, September 7, 2008

LOTOJA 2008!!!

We had an epic day- full of fun, rushing to feed zones and cheering for our guy. Cary had a blast with a great 7th place finish in the Cat 5 mens 1800 group, and to quote "only a few moments of dispare". I would guess that anyone who has ever done this race could relate to that comment. He also joined the 1000 mile club with this being the 5th Lotoja under his belt. So now he's got to do it next year to get his cog.
I thought I would start the descriptions with a picture of the sunrise cyclery sign. They were the ones who started it all. And thanks to those pioneers, Logan has become somewhat of a mecca for roadies.

Here is Cary and the kids - getting ready for the long day ahead.

I have always loved the start, even at 6:45 in the morning they have the music playing and everyone gets pumped.

Here's a cheese from Garrett - who wished he could have been racing with daddy today. Maybe he'll pick it up someday.

Cary's looking on watching the other groups go... only a few minutes to his start. Garrett is messing around like usual.

Here is Cary's group of Cat 5 men 1800's numbers (just a way to keep track of who your racing against.) I think there were like 50 or more guys in his group.

There he goes with a big grin on his face, only 205.9 miles to go!

Here we are at our first feed zone - Montpelier ID. We got there pretty early, and all I can say is thank goodness for parks along the way. I'm glad the race organizers do this for the sanity of the racing widows and familys that support. Carlie (my pony/horse fanatic) loved these swings. And of course they would have these kind of swings in Idaho.

Here's Garrett waiting for daddy on the hill at the montpelier feed zone...both the kids were super good. So I didn't have to worry much about them.

Here's Carlie - she kept asking if she could go to the bathroom - I knew Cary was just a few seconds to minutes from arriving. So sorry Carlie you have to wait. She doesn't look very happy, but we made it.

I took a picture of the people waiting to show just a sliver of how many people support. I't was interesting to people watch while we were waiting.

Cary rolled in right on the dot at 4 hours for 82 miles... right on track. He was feeling good and only stayed for 45 seconds. He was in a group and wanted to continue with those guys, so off he went.

Garrett and Carlie both kept asking me where we were going and where whe were...I guess it was confusing to them because we were in and out of the car like 10 times. But they had fun. The rest of the feed zones were so quick that I didn't have time to take any pictures. But we stopped in Afton WY and Alpine Junction, WY.

Here is Cary cruzing up snake river canyon, this picture shows him on his own. The funny thing was that he was always in a big group - mostly pulling at the front. He told me later that some riders would help and some sat on his wheel. He's always such a curtious rider. If it were me, I would have made them work if they were sitting behind me.

Here is the finish. 206 miles, and 10 hrs later he rolled in. I did take a picture of him rolling in, but he was going to fast so I only got the guy that was behind him. Maybe one day I'll have a digital SLR for such an occasion. Anyway I'm very proud of all his hard work. This was a great ride for him. Great job!


  1. Yeah looks like fun! Maybe next year we will come too. Glad he did so awesome! You're my Hero :) (said in a very nerdy voice!)

  2. Way to go Cary! I'm so glad the weather cooperated and so did the kids. It looked like you had a lot of fun.

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  4. Hooray for LOTOJA... it looks like it was a fun day. Maybe next year you and lori could do the race together and we could take the kids to the feed zones. Congrats on the great race!