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We are the Jenkins family. Our home is filled with busy days, fun and lots of love! We have Carlie (5) and Garrett (4) plus Mom and Dad (30-something). We love summer days, vacation, bike rides and the Christmas season.

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Cheeseburger in Paradise

I am still bummed about the end of summer! If I had my way it would be 85 degrees and four day work week year round! I love the smells of fresh cut grass and the coolness of the swimming pool. For our family Jimmy Buffett is the epitomy of the sound of summer. I think I have about every song memorized. What's even cooler is my kids almost do to. In our family we like to think of ourselves as a cheeseburgers in paradise.

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  1. Okay.... have you ever really eaten at cheeseburger in paradise? I have, more than once but my last time they served me a chicken sandwich with a HUGE slug on it. Needless to say cheeseburger in paradise does not have the same meaning to me as to you! : ) Hope you are having a good day. Talk to ya later.

  2. Your blog looks really cute. Good luck on your ride this weekend Cary!

  3. I have to tell you that Stacie and Ryan think that Jimmy Buffett sings country music. HaHaHaHa

    Praying to the cycling gods for Cary!!

  4. GOOD LUCK CARY on the big day! I didn't forget I just posted before the other 2 lazy bums. Now that it's Friday I can say good luck. Hope it doesn't snow!!!!

  5. "Oh oh - Me FIRST! Me First! I posted first!"
    Silly Little Sis!

  6. That last post from me really wasn't from me it was Scott. So Karen take it up wit him!! I would never say that!!